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Why I don’t use social media

... but I used to. Let me start by saying that I'm not a zealot, luddite, or other kind of internet fundamentalist. You are completely entitled to do what you like and I care not a whit. I am simply describing my own experience. So, social media. Everyone has an opinion, and here is mine.… Continue reading Why I don’t use social media


Jury Duty

I was recently summoned by the powers that be to serve on a jury in my state.I declined, based on the insurmountable obstacles inherent in performing that role for an indefinite period while being the carer for small children. However leaving aside the obvious problems and shortcomings of a group of random citizens being responsible… Continue reading Jury Duty


Places: Hobart

The first thing you notice is that the sun slants in at a flat angle, no matter where you are. It drills into your retina leaving a ghostly green afterimage and a cramping headache as your optic nerve spasms in shock.The sun knifes between buildings and surprises you coming around a corner when you least expect it


The Covid diaries #12 – How depressing is lockdown, really?

Just a short one to raise a few questions: The ABC has posted the results of their huge annual survey on attitudes and beliefs in Australia here. A very interesting finding is how differently people experienced lockdown and the covid pandemic from a mental health point of view. Fascinatingly, among 18-25 year olds around 52%… Continue reading The Covid diaries #12 – How depressing is lockdown, really?