The COVID diaries 10 – Schadenfreude

It's October. Schadenfreude season. Let's start with the obvious one - Donald Trump reportedly has Covid, along with a number of his White House staff, cronies, and trophy wife. Clearly this is justice in its purest form - that the man who by his combination of inaction and blustering incompetence has allowed the more than… Continue reading The COVID diaries 10 – Schadenfreude

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The Covid Diaries 8 – I miss Iso-Life

Iso-Life is ending and I miss it already. A week or so ago some of the restrictions were relaxed here in Victoria. Playgrounds opened again, you can have small groups of visitors around to your house. In light of the apparently well-controlled Covid caseload here, as well as the escalating difficulty of keeping people at… Continue reading The Covid Diaries 8 – I miss Iso-Life