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Why I don’t use social media

... but I used to. Let me start by saying that I'm not a zealot, luddite, or other kind of internet fundamentalist. You are completely entitled to do what you like and I care not a whit. I am simply describing my own experience. So, social media. Everyone has an opinion, and here is mine.… Continue reading Why I don’t use social media



I've never really warmed to gambling. I understand that it's one of those things that you're meant to at least slightly enjoy, especially in Australia where the value of "having a flutter" is a foundational cultural myth. It doesn't even leave me cold - I find it stressful and mildy boring.


Why people in cities can’t walk properly

Do you ever get frustrated with people around you in the city who don't seem to pay attention? People who can't walk? People with no apparent peripheral vision? This concept from wild navigator Tristan Gooley may illuminate this problem. "A study by the US Military found that soldiers of equal military experience did not see… Continue reading Why people in cities can’t walk properly